Significant Criterias For Buying Cisco Catalyst 2960s Switches


The Cisco Catalyst 2960s switches are the latest generation of switches that are manufactured by the company Cisco. The switch is basically a router and switches are not considered routers until they become a router. It is very important to have a router that you can use for all of your IP networks. You will find many other types of routers that you can use with IP networks but the Cisco Catalyst is the only one that is considered to be an Ethernet router by the networking industry.Browse this site listing about WS-C2960S-48LPD-L Cisco 2960S Gigabit 48 Port PoE Switch

This is one reason why the Cisco Catalyst switches are so popular when they first came out on the market. They have a long history in the networking world, because it was the Cisco that made the first network to use Ethernet. However, with the rise of other networking products, Cisco started looking for new technologies to introduce into the market. One of the things that they did was start making their own hardware that included the switches and other networking devices that they wanted to make available to the community. This is one way that they were able to keep up with their competition because it allowed them to maintain a monopoly.

When you buy Cisco Catalyst switches, you will also get networking products that are designed to help you do a variety of different things. For example, some of the products include switches that can act as bridged Ethernet devices. Another feature that is available with the Cisco Catalyst switches is called virtual LANs. This means that the physical network is split into many smaller virtual networks. You can set up the virtual LANs to look just like the actual physical networks and then use this information for setting up your IP networks.